Understanding the Legal Aspects of Dentistry October 19 2018

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Implant Mentoring 3-day Live-Patient Surgical Implant Training Nov 8 to 11 2018

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Dental Implant Education Courses

The Best Surgical Training Programs in the United States Providing Live Patients and the Most Experienced Instructors & Current University Professors
Dental CE Courses

Implant Mentoring®

Exceptional hands-on live-patient Implant Surgical Training

Our Approach

Dental Implant Training

Implant Mentoring and Implant Outreach Institute currently offer the best dental implant training programs in the United States. We provide patients that need surgery, most of them being neglected veterans that have been denied care at the VA hospitals. We provide patients with the best possible quality of care under the supervision of experienced instructors and current university professors.

We carefully select the patients to match the knowledge and experience of each doctor so that the surgery is performed smoothly to increase surgical confidence. Our trainings are far superior to those offered in other countries such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic where the legality of doing surgeries by non-licensed foreign doctors has been questioned.

We also train doctors and their staff on the legal aspects of implant dentistry and offer training and coaching on in-office communication techniques to increase patient satisfaction. We offer training on marketing to increase the number of new patients and to improve the ‘word of mouth’ internal referrals. Additional trainings are offered on surgical extractions and periodontal surgeries such as crown lengthening, soft tissue and hard tissue grafting and pocket reduction flap surgeries.

Dental Implant Training

Implant Education program

The Implant Mentoring Institute is America’s First Dental Implant Institute offering the BEST hands-on dental training program with LIVE surgical patients in the United States.

3 Day hands on Surgical Externship

Exceptional 3-day Hands-on Implant Surgical Externship On Patients

Bone Grafting & Implant Placement

4 CE Units – Advanced Bone Grafting Techniques

Mini Dental Implant Program

Mini Dental Implant Training Courses ~ 14 CE Units

Implant Training
Implant Education

Profits from our programs are used to treat veterans and neglected older adults living below the threshold of poverty.


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