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Continuing Education Implant Dentistry

A simplified and rationalized approach to teaching implant dentistry

Implant Mentoring brings you a simplified and rationalized approach to learning about Implant Dentistry. The Institute’s approach to learning offers a low faculty-to-student ratio with full assistance throughout the course. When a Google search is done to find articles on how to Simplify Implant Dentistry, the first hit and most read article is the one written by Dr. Charles Zahedi in 2001 while he was teaching at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. We pride ourselves in our clinical and scholastic team at Implant Mentoring, and we strive to give dentists the best possible tools in this modern age of Implant Dentistry.

Notable Publications of Dr. Charles Zahedi

We offer the best dental implant training programs in the United States to doctors and their staff. Apart from that we also train them on the legal aspects of continuing education implant dentistry and offer training and coaching on in-office communication techniques to increase patient satisfaction.

Continuing Education Implant Dentistry

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Profits from our programs are used to treat veterans and neglected older adults living below the threshold of poverty.