Dental Implant Education Courses – Implant Mentoring®

We offer the best dental implant training programs in the United States to doctors and their staff. Apart from that we also train them on the legal aspects of implant dentistry and offer training and coaching on in-office communication techniques to increase patient satisfaction.

Exceptional 3-day Hands-on Implant Surgical Externship On Patients

Dental Implant Education Courses Highlights

  • Surgery on live patients specifically selected for each doctor including but not limited to surgical extractions, bone grafting and membrane placement (insertion of a minimum of 3 implants)
  • All doctors assist during surgery
  • Small course size to ensure more personalized attention to each attendee
  • Working with Veterans and under-served patients
  • Course hosted in Southern California near Disneyland & Newport Beach.

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Surgical Extraction and Bone Grafting Lecture and Hands-On

Learning objectives: Dental Implant Education Courses

  • Perform difficult extractions and proper bone regeneration techniques
  • Increase case acceptance by improving communication skills
  • Select the most appropriate regenerative biomaterials
  • Manage surgical complications

Advanced Grafting Course With Surgical Extraction & Implant Placement

What you will learn – Dental Implant Education Courses

  • Proper bone regeneration techniques using various graft materials (allograft, b-TCP, collagen and membranes, etc.).
  • To perform difficult extractions
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Surgical placement of dental implants
  • Implant prosthetic phase
  • To manage complications
  • To increase case acceptance

Mini Dental Implant Training Program

Dental Implant Education Courses – What You Will Learn

  • Master Mini Dental Implants
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Improve Case Acceptance
  • Increase Net Income

Santa Clara Dental Society Implant Study Club

What You Will Learn

  • To Simplify Implant Dentistry
  • Increase Income and Productivity
  • Increase Case Acceptance
  • Prevent Legal Complications

Dental Assistant Study Club for Dental Implants

What You Will Learn

  • Treatment planning
  • To answer difficult questions asked by the patients
  • The process of a dental implant to explain to patients
  • To answer insurance related questions regarding dental implants
  • To increase case acceptance

Sponsored 3-Day Live Surgery Course

Course Description

  • To increase case acceptance
  • Learn the surgical placement of dental implants and bone graft*
  • How to manage surgical complications

Profits from our programs are used to treat veterans and neglected older adults living below the threshold of poverty.


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